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Marcus R.

Campaign: Alexander Wang

Hometown: San Diego, CA


EXPERIENCE DATE: July 27, 2018



What made Marcus so excited about this experience? “I love fashion and even went to school in London for fashion design. Alexander Wang has been one of my favorite designers for a long time. I love his aesthetic, his mixture of rock-n-roll and streetwear is sublime. His lines and cuts are beautiful and he always uses my favorite color palette, black! Over the years I have saved up and bought a few of his pieces, which are some of my prized possessions!”

When we asked Marcus to describe his day with Alexander Wang in one word, he said, “AMAZING!” What else did he say? This: “At first I was nervous because Alexander Wang is someone who I admire so much, but after the initial anxiousness of meeting him, it was like talking with a friend—we discussed shows we were obsessed with, events we were looking forward to, and many other things. Getting to have lunch with Alex was by far the best part of the experience.”


I always love hearing about the behind-the-scenes processes of creating a collection. And who wouldn't want to go on a shopping spree with the designer himself!





Meet Marcus! He went to school at the London College of Fashion for Womenswear design, he’s been with his now husband for 8 years (married for 3), he has a degree in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz, one of his hobbies is the Japanese art of Bonsai, and he’s half-Japanese and half-American.


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