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David C.

Campaign: Meet Danai Gurira at the Endgame Premiere

Hometown: New Westminster, British Columbia

Donation: $31

EXPERIENCE DATE: April 22, 2019



David got to mingle with Danai Gurira and a million other Hollywood A-listers at the invite-only premiere of Avengers: Endgame! He used this dream-come-true experience as a way to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife (congrats!) and said that they made memories to last a lifetime. Some of the highlights?

  • The after-party: “Mingling with a ton of people… Walking by any random table or turning a corner and finding a who's who of Hollywood.”

  • Meeting Danai: “Talking a little bit about her charity, the film industry and The Walking Dead. I definitely let my inner nerd out.”

  • The premiere itself: “Watching the film in the same room as the film makers, producers, crew members and actors was just an incredible experience. The energy in the room was high.”

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I really enjoyed meeting Danai. I definitely let my inner nerd out.





Meet David! He’s a big fan of Danai for her work on The Walking Dead, specifically how she brought “such life to the character on that show.” This self-taught guitarist has had a lifelong dream of going to a big, glamorous movie premiere… and his dream totally came true. Thanks for your donation, David!


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