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Tony B.

Campaign: Doctor Who

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Donation: $25

EXPERIENCE DATE: December 14, 2017



According to Tony, Doctor Who “is a British institution now, deservedly so.” Tony’s been a big fan of the show since a very young age, initially watching John Pertwee in the early ‘70s. And when he was 10 years old, he even got to meet Tom Baker dressed in full costume! Now as a grown-up, Tony scored a pretty unbelievable experience: breakfast with seven of the Doctors. Check out the video for more!


This is such a massive prize for a Doctor Who fan. Meeting 2 or 3 Doctors would be a great prize, meeting 7 at once is unbelievable. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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Meet Tony! His interest in science fiction and technology led him to become a self-taught computer programmer, starting at the age of 14, that jump started his career as an IT professional. He has a basement full of comics, graphic novels and vinyl records. He’s a big music junkie and sees 20-30 live concerts in Toronto every year (!!!). His home office, in his words, “looks like a toy store and a book store have collided in a hurricane.” Tony’s awesome.


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