Real People. Real Winners.

Shelley F.

Campaign: Trevor Noah

Hometown: Austin, TX


EXPERIENCE DATE: April 26, 2018



Shelley’s donation to NEXT for AUTISM scored her the opportunity to be interviewed by Trevor Noah on the set of The Daily Show! Here’s her breakdown of the day, which she shared with her daughter, Caroline:

“Once we arrived, we were whisked away to the studio, taken quickly through the VIP line, into our own green room.

Caroline and I walked into the studio where The Daily Show director, producer, camera crew, stage and sound managers were warm and welcoming. Besides receiving all sorts of TDS swag, we were treated like rock stars.

After the taping, they took me backstage to check my microphone and show me where to stand. The producer briefed Trevor on why I was there.  Before he walked on stage, he introduced himself, flashed his beautiful dimpled smile and said, ‘You’re going to be great.’  Moments later, he introduced me to his studio audience and I walked out to be interviewed!

Trevor was everything I hoped he would be. He was charming, genuine, compassionate, kind and funny. It was a pleasure to meet him and his team and it was a very special day.”


I am so impressed with Trevor and the writers, directors and producers. They can see humor even in the most fearful times, which is a lesson that challenges us all to do better.



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Meet Shelley! She can wiggle her ears, she married her college sweetheart, she practices yoga, and she’s working on doing the splits and a handstand! She started an organization called Iron Butterflies Project, a multi-faceted "passion" project created as a forum to share inspirational stories of growth, transformation and strength that encourage others to survive, thrive and become resilient.


The goal of Trevor Noah Foundation is to support and prepare children and youth for success after high school by either attending technical/vocational schools or colleges/universities. The priorities of Trevor Noah Foundation are psycho-social support, skills development, and career guidance for the 3.7 million orphans and at-risk children.