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Matthew L.

Campaign: 2 Weeks Exploring Cambodia & Vietnam

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Donation: $66

EXPERIENCE DATE: April 21–May 4, 2019



Matthew had no shortage of adventures during his two weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. One time, one of their four wheelers broke down in the middle of the country and they ended up stranded in front of a local home with children playing in the front yard. So one of the girls pulled out her toy four-wheeler and dragged it to the street to join them!

Then there were the Chinese tourists at the Cu Chi tunnels—they were so excited by Matthew’s 6’5” stature they lined up to take pictures with him and shake his hand!

Matthew also raved about the luxurious travel accommodations:

“We felt so taken care of with so little stress from planning and hustling.”

“No lines for visas, customs, meals, rides or events—just a constant flow of unique and engaging activities that only asked us to be ready to be picked up at specific times, which tonally changes everything.”

“We experienced so much and yet we were able to feel relaxed and stress-free throughout.”

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I never thought I'd be such a big fan of luxury travel like that. I now see what all of the excitement is about.





Meet Matthew! He’s a working actor and has a world record for rowing a rowboat across the Pacific Ocean. That certainly is a working actor! Why was he excited for this life-changing vacation? “I LOVE ancient sites and notably different cultures than the one I've known. I am so excited to experience a Buddhist culture and to learn about the people. I've never traveled to this area of the world and these locations have always been high on my dream list.” We’re so excited for you, Matthew!


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